On the 21.11.2001, economic students, invited by professor Lauc (author of the book Methodology of Social Sciences) attended a lecture held by Aba Aziz Makaja. The lecture was about the importance of quality love making and its relation to success in life as well as for the successful business of the individual, the company and the total national income. He also briefly explained to the students the main methods of his Love-erotic therapy as one of the possible means for realizing the quality love-erotic life.

After the closing discussion, at the invitation of professor Lauc, the students were asked to respond (anonymously) as to their experiences with regard to the lecture on Makaja’s offer of the Love-Erotic therapy as a mean towards happiness and well-being in life and business:


I liked the lecture. I like it when sex and love is spoken of because our “love-erotic” life reflects upon on the other activities of human life and I like it when young people are inspired to freely express themselves through making love and to get to know others through love.

(…) Your consciousness is an inspiration to try and work more on ourselves in that direction and to finally start making love and not having sex!

I admire the sincerity and the openness of that man. His courage to change the world. (…) I do not agree with everything, but he awoke my sleeping spirit. I know I have to develop it. And this is one of the ways to do it.

Our time and our beliefs are too traditional and our society is too conservative to accept Mr. Makaja’s ideas. But my cap is off to him because he started within himself and that he isn’t bothered by the opinions of such “people”! I congratulate his courage and sincerity! It made me start to think about myself. Why am I not being honest? Why am I ashamed of myself? And, I am not different from him.

I never anticipated that I would like this lecture. In Makaja I have found someone who has succeeded in harmonizing his thoughts, words and deeds.

The lecture was very interesting, first of all because of the different approach towards certain problems that can not to be solved with the traditional methods and techniques. This is highlighted in the success that Love-Erotic Therapy has in fighting addictions.

I haven’t yet heard a more honest lecture, nor have I met a person who is as honest and free as Makaya. We should all make the most of who we can be, and I am still searching for myself and working on the answer of the question of who am I! (…)

Makaja is one of the bravest spokesman who in spite of the defamation of the Church has continued his work on the Love-Erotic Therapy. One needs great courage to continue that. (..)

(…) I can only say I admire your courage and it is finally time that we free ourselves from that boring conservativity. I agree with you in many things because it is the most important thing to love yourself so that you can love others, this is a big problem among us because people think little about themselves. (…)

I think that such lectures are necessary, mostly because there is too little education on sexuality, and later in life we are confronted with problems of such nature and we are bothered by thousands of questions that we don’t dare to ask!

I absolutely agree with everything that is said on this lecture. I support such opinions because I think they can change our lives (…).


The dear gentleman is a “fog salesman” who hides behind some ideals but he himself doesn’t hold on to them! Actually I think that everything he said about himself and his beliefs were lies and all he wants is to get rich on the backs of his followers!!!

First impressions were disastrous, I am not the least bit interested in the antics of a “fog salesman”, especially not one who from the outside look like they give everything to this world and take nothing for themselves , but actually they submit the world.

(…) If he uses the words of Jesus: “Come to me you little ones!???” then why doesn’t he accept Jesus’ words that he (the lecturer) become one with the woman he was sleeping with i.e. made love to, and that sleeping with others is a sin.
I will support this with following quotes:
“A man will abandon father and mother, he will bond to the woman and they will become one!”
“If you look at another woman you will burn in hell!”

The Church is guided by the teachings of Jesus. And the Church is teaching us that we should make love only with one person and only after God had blessed that relationship through the marriage ceremony. And we should be faithful to that person! (…)

(…) Mr. Makaja is a destroyer of Croatian families. Recently I’ve heard a lecture about the Masons (people that are spreading evil and are constantly attacking the Church).
They are deceiving people with their beautified interpretations, they claim to be glorifying Jesus, but are actually against him.
I’ve been raised in a strict catholic family, this has shaped who I am. Can I not enjoy life because of that? I feel happy just as I am. God loves me, God is showing me the way (…).

(…) You are justifying homosexuality, but it is actually a deadly sin. Homosexuality is an illness. I believe only in God and in nothing more and the way of God is my way and I want to go to heaven because I believe in eternal life (…).


From total of 43 received answers 21 (cca. 49%) contained positive (9) to extremely positive critique (12), and 14 (cca. 32.6%) of the answers contained negative (4) to extremely negative critique (10). The remaining 8 (cca.18.6%) of the reactions were neutral.

For the love of the truth assumed and empirical none of those with positive critique missed the topic in a larger part or completely, of those that answered in the negative,
9 out of 14 did miss the topic to a greater or lessor extent. Instead of dealing with the topic that was given they started dealing with religious topics, and with the fact that Makaja has already lived 18 happy (Makaja’s remark: extremely happy) years in a poligamous marriage.*

* The former president of France Mitterand, C.G Jung as well as many other well-known personalities from the cultural and political life from today as well as from the past have also lived a successful love-erotic life on a polygamy way.