In order to support and further develop the efforts of solving the problems with addiction, in 1999 the University of Zagreb organised a symposium titled Youth and Drugs. On this symposium eminent scientists were invited to present their methods of dealing with the problem of addiction. Having noticed that the young people who had problems with addiction and are visiting Komaja's spiritual schooling, through this schooling succeeded in solving their problem, the University of Zagreb also invited representatives of Komaja to participate on this symposium. It was the first time that the Love-Erotic Therapy was presented in public.

On this symposium it's immediate success was predicted. Both works from the representatives of Komaja were published in the scientifical magazine Anali along with other 21 best works presented on this symposium.

In the next year 2000, the Komaja Society for the Art of Living from Macedonia organised a public lecture on the University St. Cyril and Methodius in Skopje titled as Love-Erotic (non-)Education and Drug Addiction presenting the Love-Erotic Therapy in the University's circles. Among other prominent personalities who in their work are closely connected with dealing with the problem of the addiction, the deputy minister of the Ministry for Youth and Sports was also invited. Fascinated by the Love-Erotic Therapy as a successful, attractive and innovative way to solve the problem with addiction, he offered moral and financial support for it's conduction. The co-operation was created and the support followed in the year 2001. In this time the Ministry for Youth and Sports was transformed into a Agency for Youth and Sports of the Government of the R. of Macedonia.

Soon afterwards, in may 2001 the Institute for Sustainable Communities in Macedonia (a non-governmental organisation with it's origins in Montpelier, Vermont, U.S.A offered financial support for the Love-Erotic Therapy. This organisation is financed by the American governmental organisation USAID (United States Agency for International Development). In their grant programs the Love-Erotic Therapy was among the 25 projects chosen for financial support out of 265 that applied.

In the same year the City of Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia, started supporting the Love-Erotic Therapy.

In June 2001 in Paris, France, the Love-Erotic Therapy was presented by it's author Aba Aziz Makaja on the highest international level: on the 15th World Congress for Sexology where it was accepted with great success. The summary of the presentation was published in the Abstract Book of the 15th World Congress for Sexology.

The Love-Erotic Therapy continues internationally to receive support for it's conduction.