According to a survey carried out in 1999 on more than 100 people who had received A.A. Makaja's love-erotic therapy, 90% of those surveyed were permanently cured of their addictions, including addiction to hard drugs, after six to twelve months of regular therapy. On the assumption that any disorder can only be cured by elimination of its causes, five main causes of drug addiction are considered here: alienation from the true self, consequences of sexual abuse and dysfunctional sexual/love-erotic patterns, dysfunctional patterns resulting from religious upbringing, excessive stress in the present performance-oriented society, and incorrect nutrition. Seven principal methods are used in love-erotic therapy: Komaja Meditation is the cornerstone of treatment, both for preventive and curative purposes. Its objective is the promotion of health in body and mind; the basis of health is the restoration or reinforcement of connection with the true self. In this way, the client gains access to the vital force that is essential for a healthy and independent life. In addition to love meditation, a form of meditation to develop the ability to love, the following methods are used: the sexual intercourse as a means of self-realisation, the Theatre of truth to create awareness of the psychic contents during loveplay, polytherapy - a spiritual, manifold therapeutic method developed by the author, the development of social skills through communal living, and strictly focussing the attention on other contents than the addiction. Makaja's projects with love-erotic therapy receive state-sponsored and private financial support.