Teamlife or Togetherness is a notion denoting the virtue of quality living in a community.
The present-day individualist, with a weak and undeveloped Self, at the very thought of union, is frantically afraid that the union (love, marriage, friendship, communal etc.) would swallow him, that his frail Self could disappear in the powerful energy of any group spirit. On the contrary, the individualist of the future feels challenged and invited to perfectly amalgamate with the community and to serve it selflessly like a player in an ideal football team, thus enriching both his own and the union's spirit. Since he has experienced many times how the death of his Self out of love, and for even greater love, results in even greater mental maturity, even greater individual power, he unsparingly gives and surrenders himself. True love and giving himself to his neighbours is his life style.
The present-day individualist is narcissistically in love with himself.
The individualist of the future actually notices and assists everybody around him. He is free, unconditioned: an aware, sustainable force in the nature.
He has realised that the collapse of the ego-structure by following the law of love does not only mean the death of the old Self, but much more, a birth of a new life, a much richer Self.
This new type of man and fellowship is what we need in the struggle against different forms of addiction.

I see no other way out from the vicious circle of addictions (in a broader sense) but by creating a healthy community.