Owing to the lack of knowledge on one's true nature, a disease is born, known as egotism. An epidemic of egotism results in an ailing society, which in turn causes an ailing civilisation. An ailing civilisation results in racial and religious intolerance, wars, ailing forests, rivers, seas and atmosphere; ailing science and culture; ailing parents whose fruits are ailing children.
Thus, the only right ecology is a personal ecology, and the only right personal ecology is spiritual ecology. Spiritual ecology starts from the fact that the Supreme Spirit, God or the Absolute is the basis of all life, all phenomenal forms of life at all levels of existence. The Supreme Spirit manifests itself as the Human Spirit, and at lower levels of cosmic existence this manifests itself as the soul (consisting of a mental and an emotional sphere, aura, vehicle) and the body. "Mens sana in corpore sano!" A sound mind in a sound body! Thus, to view and treat the body and the material universe separately from their mental and spiritual matrix ultimately leads to self-destruction and destruction of the world.
This is the reason why love-erotic therapy, both as a preventive method and as a method for treatment, rehabilitation and re-socialisation of the addicts, is based on meditation. By regular meditation, the practitioner establishes or re-establishes a permanent contact with his own higher nature (supernature, selfhood, Human Spirit), and in this way the perverted libido (thanatos) becomes again what it is: libido - instinct and will for life. The individual starts loving - both himself and the world around him. In front of his mind, enlightened by his own Spirit, there flashes a deeper understanding of the meaning of loving his neighbour as much as himself. The basic technique of komaja meditation is made in such a way that it can equally easily be adopted and used both by people belonging to different religions and by atheists.