Maituna (f. Sanskrit: maithuna - sexual intercourse) is similar to the old Indian ritual sex act of the same name only in that both serve the same purpose, i.e. realisation of a higher consciousness in a lower nature by using love-erotic play. Out of this, it is all my original "product", offered also to materialists as help in the development of the sex technique, orgasmic ability, and also as a new kind of art - as love-erotic art.
Understanding of the connection between the sexual and the spiritual is not alien to modern psychoanalysis. In his book Liebesbeziehungen Otto F. Kernberg says: "Both in enjoyment and in pain there is a search for more intensive experience, which at times obliterates the limits of individuality, for experience which can provide a basic meaning to life, for transcendence where the sexual encounter and the religious ecstasy are interconnected, for experience of freedom beyond the pressures of everyday existence."