DEMYSTIFICATION OF SEXUALITY is the seventh, last basic element of the Love-erotic Therapy.

If the Love-erotic Therapy is used as a method for treatment, rehabilitation and re-socialisation of the addicts the seventh element includes also STRICTLY FOCUSSING THE ATTENTION ON OTHER CONTENTS THAN THE ADDICTION. All the institutions for the treatment of drug addiction that I know of continually speak about addiction in various ways. This is like telling a thirsty man that it is not good being thirsty, and about the dire consequences of thirst on the body, how one should not do bad things to oneself and to others as a result of the thirst, and so on. Instead, I would say, we had better give him a jug of fresh water. Consequently, instead of fighting the addiction, we should teach the addict about the way to genuine freedom of the mind and the body.
And that is exactly what we achieve by means of the love-erotic therapy.