The first experience with drugs was when I was 17 years old and it was with hashish. I consumed drugs until I was 28 years old. I have used all kinds of drugs: Marijuana constantly all those years and at the same time opium as tea or chemically prepared intravenous injections several times cocaine and LSD and ecstasy. I used heroin for approximately five years 2-3 times in a month (sometimes even more often), for four months I was using it everyday 3-4 times a day. I felt completely lost. I didn't know who I was. My life was a constant search for drugs so that I could be in another state of mind where I would not have any contact with the truth. I lied a lot and I was taking things that did not belong to me without question. The reason that made me take drugs was above all curiosity, but also discontentment from the everyday life that was surrounding me: discontentment with my parents, with my friends, with my relatives, with the schooling system etc.
Before I came in contact with Komaja I stopped taking heroin. I had run away from my friends and my hometown and I went to Crete, Greece where I changed the way I was living. I was working physically so I was developing my body, I consumed a lot of liquids and in such a way I was cleansing myself from the toxins. Since then I have not taken heroin in any way.
The Love-Erotic Therapy helped me to see with clarity why it is not good to take toxins into the body and that love is the only thing that can be a substitute for drugs.
Since 03.08.1998. at Komaja's Summer School on Peljesac, (Croatia) I have stopped using all kinds of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, meat, fish and similar things. What I like the most with this therapy is that the accent is placed on the developing love as a quality.
My life today is more different than before. Love, joy, elation, happiness that were not present in my life before, now I feel that they exist! I would live in this way forever!