The LET-schooling (in order to become an LET-therapist) contains 13 out of 19 courses of the Basic spiritual schooling of komaja.
Does not include the two courses about psychophonic and the course Spirit is gold. The course Yoga-sutras is offered in a shortened version of two instead of five modules.

Two years of attending tantric courses must be incorporated as well. This means participating in one of the tantric groups during two summers, at least as a theoretical member; and regular attendance of all meetings of the tantric group that happen during those two years in the place where that person lives.

Participation in one Kundalini intensive is also obligatory.

At the end of training there is written, oral and practical exam (for example, giving a lecture or facilitating an exercise with a group in front of an examining body).

Duration of training:
13 courses. One every 3 months for approximately 3 years and 3 months. There are possibilities for doing the training faster, but it still must take at least 20 months, including two tantric courses.


1963 in Croatia, Economist and Musician

MICHAELA – Olivija Holjac
1961 in Serbia, physician

KONSTANZA – Iris Martina Kovic
1964 in Germany, master's degree in Slavic Studies and Political Science, graduate meditation-teacher, self-management trainer

1965 in Germany, esoteric healer, state (official) masseur, psychologist, works as psychologist in a Reha Klinik, graduate meditation teacher

KRISTIJAN – Goran Cutanoski
1960 in Macedonia, degree in political science, works as radio journalist by the German broadcasting company for foreign states (Deutsche Welle), graduate meditation teacher

UGALA – Barbara Schranz
1976 Switzerland, Teacher in a primary school, graduate mediation teacher

1961 in Germany, degree in social pedagogy, musician, works as social padagogue with mentally retarded people, graduate meditation teacher

RAM – Zoran Bubanja
1963 in Montenegro, studied electrical engineering, works as shop-assistant, graduate meditation teacher

KALI – Yvonne Zehnder
1964 in Switzerland, physician


All details not explained here are given in brochure KOMAJA - Die geistige Schulung / KOMAJA – The spiritual School, Gottmadingen, 2000.
For further information: Komaja Meditationsschule or
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